Top Tips – Is it too hot in here?

thermometerGetting the temperature just right is another key step to baking with great results.  Oven temperatures can vary widely from oven to oven so it’s a good idea to try to get to grips with how your own oven behaves.

Baking with an oven that is running too hot can cause cakes to rise to a peak and crack.  The outer crust of the cake will form too quickly while the inside will continue to cook and may burst through the top of the cake.

While baking in an oven that is too cool can result in a shiny or sticky surface to the cake.  Baking too slowly in an oven that is too cool can result in off colour cakes and can also give cakes a grainy texture.

For best results turn on the oven to the required temperature about 20 – 30 minutes before baking.  Use an in oven thermometer to give a reliable temperature readout.

An oven thermometer, widely available from kitchen equipment shops, is a must have item if you are planning on baking a variety of different cakes.

To bake at the most even temperature in the oven place your cake on the middle shelf in the oven and never allow the cake pan to touch the sides of the oven walls.

If the oven bakes unevenly favouring one side over another, about 2/3’s into the baking time rotate the cake pan around for an even bake.


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