Top Tips – Weights and Measures

Weigh scales

Weighing ingredients when baking is probably the most important part of the baking process.  Too much or too little of an ingredient can leave your cakes looking a little less like the picture in the cookbook and more like a toddlers latest playdough creation!


Weighing flour:  Loosen the flour with a quick stir before weighing. Cakes will bake with more reliable results through weighing out the amount needed rather than measuring it using cups.  A heavier handed person using the cups method may “pack” the flour into the cup and end up using more than needed.

Measuring liquids: When measuring liquids for a recipe use a clear measuring jug with clear markings.  Pour in the liquids with the jug placed on a level surface.  Read the level on the jug with it still standing on a level surface rather than bring the jug up to your level.  Again this will help with the accuracy of the measurements.

Measuring small amounts: When measuring small amounts of ingredients such as baking powder for example, use measuring spoons by scooping the spoon into the powder and then using a knife level off.  This will avoid packing the spoon and using too much.  Measuring small amounts of liquid, fill the measuring spoon to the top edge while holding the spoon over a seperate bowl or cup to avoid excess being added to your ingredients bowl.


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