Let’s start at the very beginning….Sponge cake top tips

The humble sponge, a light and airy cake made with the basics.

2 eggs.  4oz(100g) butter.  4oz(100g) caster sugar.
4oz(100g) self raising flour.  1 – 2 tbsp milk.

That simple list of ingredients will make 12 buns or cupcakes or one 8inch sponge cake!

  • One trick to getting a lovely risen sponge cake is to firstly mix the wet ingredients together.  Then, as carefully as you can, fold in the dry ingredients to keep the maximum amount of air in the mixture.
  • With the creaming method, the butter and sugar are beaten together until pale, light and fluffy. This will take some time so either hire some muscle for the job or break out the mixer.  The creaming method can be used to make cookies where the creamed mixture will be a soft and creamy mix and also cakes where the mixture will be light and fluffy.
  • The last thing you want after your cake is baked is for the cake to stick to the tin.  The best way to avoid this is to grease and line the cake tin.  No more fighting with the tin to release cake,
  • When a sponge cake is fully cooked you should be able to insert a cocktail stick or knife and take it back out without any cake mix or stickiness on it.
  • The same sponge cake recipe can be used to make buns or cupcakes very easily.

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